Delivery Information

Scheduling Deliveries to South Florida Homes

We proudly serve our neighbors in the South Florida Area from Florida City and Homestead to West Palm Beach. Once your order is processed,  We will provide a time frame and delivery date based on availability, In the event that you need to schedule a future day please let us know 48 hours before the desired day of delivery so we can accommodate your request our Customer Service number at 1-305.773.0500

For Deliveries outside South East Florida  Please contact us before at 305.773.0500.

Customer Delivery Conditions and Responsibilities

In Order to provide you with excellent customer service and deliver your furniture without delays or extra fees we kindly ask all Customers to provide a clear path for delivery, free of impediments. Stairways must be cleared of any objects that will prevent the clear pass.

Is the customer responsibility to arrange, request and reserve beforehand parking space for the delivery vehicle, access to unloading area and elevators.  In case of a delivery where the furniture must be taken to a second or higher floor customer is responsible and must inform us 24 hours prior delivery date to avoid extra handling and delivery fee, fail to comply with these important requirements could result in cancellation of delivery and reschedule at further day with a delivery fee.  Doorways must be large enough to allow safe handling of your furniture.  Is customer responsibility to inform us  48 hours before if delivery requires any documentation from the delivery company.  

Home Preparation

Please secure your home for delivery by covering exposed floors with protective material and removing furniture or objects that may obstruct the path and create difficulty with the delivery. Home on the Rock Furniture is not responsible for any damages that may occur during delivery as a result of your home being unprepared. Delivery Personnel is not allowed and will not move, remove or rearrange any furniture or objects not specified in your order.  We do not remove old furniture, please call us at 305.773.0500  with questions.